The Dark Room

She lied to her counselor just a day ago
lying is a sin but she can’t reveal all the pain and the scars that still remain buried within her
they gave her a chance to be free
all she did was stay locked in,
all she did was cry and scream,
all she did was get lost in her own thoughts
scary as It seems she was lost.
Waiting for someone to reveal her the way,
please show her happiness that’s all she asked for
little girl with the long black hair with a little cute face with black eyes you get lost in,
searching for her soul
searching for herself,
she gave it all away,
she left it in the past,
let her friends consume her and her parents destroy her,
the world made her weaker by the minute.
All she wanted was to be free,
all she wanted was to live,
all she wanted was to feel happiness.
Her whole life she’s been locked in, she’s been kept hostage a silly game I admit but for her that was her life on the runway.
The clock keeps ticking and death seems closer, there’s no stopping now.
All her friends backed off,
she wanted love real bad
why couldn’t she be loved? all we can give is love?
why keep it all to ourselves?
Questions she asked herself all day, questions that she never though she’ll ask, questions with no real answer.
She keeps living in the dark the light year seems so far away,
give her the torch and she’ll throw it away she wants something real, she needs something that wont run away.
I tell her “let me be your friend, let me hold you close let me be the one to walk you through this journey i can’t stop you now but i’ll try on the long run, this runaway won’t stop my love.”
Even words don’t stop her, nothing can change it
lost soul floating in the sky waiting to be found,
I’m trying…
I’m trying..
I’m try… ing…
She gave up and on the stainless black floor with the black walls,
blood won’t stop running, running to the other side
and on the floor she laid with a smile on her face,
with a gun pointing to the window which she could have escaped from.
That little window was freedom.
From that day on the dark room turned into a place where love was known.

10 thoughts on “The Dark Room

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from
    Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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