Everyone has their own definition for it some people love their wife, shoes, kids or even sex. Everyone wants to be loved but not everyone is good at it. 

The definition of real love has been forgotten, some people’s definition of real love comes from movies, songs or even books. Everyone has their own definition, but i thought definitions were universal?

In my eyes love is constructed 
love isn’t NATURAL anymore 

it’s FORCED 

it’s a way of “LIFE“,

well what happened to AGAPE?

love your neighbours as yourself” 

Doesn’t matter if religion isn’t part of your world we should all LOVE one another, we should all be able to be THOUGHTFUL  

Is it that hard? 

EVIL seems to be winning the heart rather than PURE GOOD, girls go for gangsters because their daddy never loved them they don’t know what affection feels like, boys can’t commit because they saw their daddy cheat way too many times it’s part of their lifestyle now, who are you to not condone it?
Love should be universal, love should be given everyday but how can one do so when love is nonexistent and undefinable?

Loving , loving , loving 
why love others when you can’t love yourself first? Is that not the same definition of love ? or does the meaning change ? 

watching your reflection asking yourself 

 “why don’t I look like them?”

“why am I not skinny like her?”

“nobody looks like me” 

those curves define you, you’re beautiful, don’t let the negativity dim your light.

Asking yourself

 “why can’t I keep them?” 

blaming your looks, but you can’t keep them because you don’t love yourself enough to allow anyone else to love you. If you don’t love yourself then who will?  

Society teaches us that NORMAL is a model on a run way and FAT is, well anything that doesn’t fit their criteria. Society is fucked, but self love should always be the number one priority, who cares if HE or SHE or THEM don’t like you for who you are? 

Love yourself and they will follow. 

Love is yet to be defined but many have “discovered” it, many have lost it, many have been hurt by it but many have also yet to discover what it feels like. 

So tell me what is LOVE? 


5 thoughts on “Love? 

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