Tell me more


Tell me more about what you’re thinking, minds embracing minds tell me about your past allow me to feel you deeper than she did allow me to explore you in every single angle allow me to see you the way no one else can. 

Two pure souls may kiss, and then like angels twist and feel one bliss. 

Love is unpredictable, sometimes it grows and sometimes it fades away leaving behind past love, hurt, or pursuing a new fling because the excitement brings back the smile you once could never get rid of, butterflies in your stomach got you feeling like a kid again, excited to experience love again like a little kid in a candy store you’re in love again.

“love you like a fat kid loves cake”

nothing can compare to that feeling, but you start to question it

is it love or is it lust? 

I mean, whenever we’re alone we can’t let go

gripping on my thigh whilst i whisper in your ear “go deeper” i guess we’re just two souls entwined. 

Got me screaming, got me weak in the knees

you tease me, i want more 

one kiss isn’t enough 

legs open 

close the door 

“what that tongue do?” question me more, my body speaks and mumbles a language only you understand

I say “tease me, tease me” you come closer and kiss me 

hold me tight, never let go

I guess i can’t never let go

I’ve fallen for you, you caught me and rescued me. 

Now I’m sitting here thinking is it lust or love?

it’s taken over me, I don’t need you

I want you. 

I have a heart filled with missing pieces

‘filled’ but empty, ‘big’ but hopeless

So tell me more, hold me tight and tell me more because i want to explore …

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