I don’t know how to love, i make them fall in love just to see what it looks like
and then bounce

I never stick around too long

I leave, just like my father did, i guess its a family thing. 

I’m chasing my demons instead of pushing them away, i guess i like the insanity inside my head.

Never sober, always on a high chasing another type of human kind they don’t love either just like me they’re broken and that’s when it becomes easy.

See it’s a game I play better than chess, I know all the strategies. 

“I never meant to hurt him but i gotta go”

“I never meant to cheat on him but i wanted something new”

you can’t make everyone happy, but you can make yourself happy right?

Head spinning 

I’m lost, 

I caused this, not him, not her 


I’m incapable of loving,

but everyone wants to be loved 

but not everyone is good at it, I guess that’s me. 

“I’m too young” 

that’s what I keep telling myself,

because rushing ruins things 

how do you think my first heartbreak happened? 

I hate being painted as the “heartless” one but i just wish they knew that sweet words won’t fix a broken heart and a player can’t be changed overnight. 


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