Time will tell

When i say i love you that doesn’t mean that i own you, you’re not mine, i  mean i value you

i mean I truly see who you are, i mean all those flaws are perfect to me, i mean i see the beauty you don’t see,

i value you.

Got broken down to be built back up
to realise only one who needed to be fixed was me,

but I saw a piece of me in your broken pieces.

it’s not always about what you did but sometimes i value the things that you didn’t do

maybe we was in love?

maybe we was in like?

maybe we was in love with the idea of love so we rushed into it

maybe we’re just suckers for love.

Our feelings advance but in the wrong direction ’cause when we fell we lost direction.

There’s nothing worse than being in love and feeling rejected,
and feeling like a burden

but it’s a blessing to have someone to stick around to make sure the pain stops,

just to make sure you don’t slip up again.

It’s a cold world,

i could barely love myself so loving you would cause self-destruction

but not loving you wasn’t the answer,

be in my corner

be there that’s all i needed

that’s what i still need.

Getting back to love because i realise that’s what we’ve been missing,
your touch wasn’t familiar to my skin

but your words touched me like no other,

don’t you believe that true love always finds its way back?

came back in time just to have one more moment

one more its all it takes.

I don’t want eternity i just want to see your happiness through that smile

love is not always about having IT but sometimes being able to let it GO and if it’s real it will find its way back to YOU.


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