Hey bestfriend,

can you hear me bestfriend?

Yes you

always got your guard up

never let a tear come down

you never let them see you down

the strong one.

I call you my angel

always there picking me right back up

always there when everything goes left

always got your mind on the target

i swear I’ve met you before?

Yes you,

i was drowning in a pool full of sorrows,

a pool full of lost souls

emotionaless pretty much.

You’re like my life bank

always getting me back up

“don’t give up” “pick your head back up”

“you got this” “if they don’t believe in you I will”.
Are you listening?

I have so much to tell you

so many things to get off my chest

you saved me even when i gave up on me

nobody used to pick up the fone at 2am

when all i could see was the stainless floor

ready to give in, ready to lay peacefully

you pick up…

“whats wrong”

all i can ever do is cry,

no one gets me no one wants this burden

always up to something right?

always wondering what would life be without me

but then tables turn and i think what would life be without you?

I’d go in a heartbeat,

the melody is so clear when you listen closely

how come i can’t be half of the friend you are to me?

am i that bad ?

am i any good to you?

Sometimes when i call you just to ask you “how are you” i feel like thats not even enough but i swear i do try
Are you listening?

stainless floors have become my bestfriend too

sorry you have to share

sorry i made you cry,

sorry for all those times an emergency popped up

sorry for all those times i’ve said no

sorry for all those times i’ve backed out just to roll a blunt get high and get right back up where i was.

You cry, i cry 

Are u listening? i’m sorry for making your panic attacks even worse when you get a sudden phone call at 3am with nothing but sobbing not a word comes out for hours.

If this was the other way around i would lose it

i don’t know what i’d do if you ever tried to leave me purposely.

Are you listening?

What do you do when all the worries get dropped on ur shoulders ?

do you still kill em with the shoulders or do you shrugg them off ?

Are you listening?

I swear i love you,

i swear i could say sorry a dozen times 

and you would still say

that’s what bestfriends are for.


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