Letter to her

Beautiful smile, beautiful soul 

you can see it all over her, her demeanour says it all. 

My brain constantly wonder when will it all turn from black to white for her, these memories don’t help her either it all becomes fuzzy and unbearable when she tries and forget it all. 

She got this big black fence guarding her heart

Don’t you dare come close.   

She brings light to my dark days, she isn’t aware of what she caused, I can see her from afar she’s the one at the end of my tunnel, slowly but surely the end shall transpire right? 

I’m the fallen dove, broken wing 
can’t fly high up so I take my time to rest up but I tell myself 

“I’m never going to get up”

I can’t possibly save her from her own storm, 

call me i can hear you, loud and clear all you have to do is let loose. 

Trying to figure out what words to fit better with the other if it makes sense to her It should make sense to me, she’s stronger than she thinks. 

I know her kind, i’m that kind. 

Told myself i can’t keep living like this

something has to give right?

going around circles, reaching for it 

not yet figured out what I need but I’m trying I guess? 

She has a soft voice makes me think “damn if she sang id hear the angels sing”. My vision gets clearer, just what i needed

Isn’t this a beautiful sight? What would her reaction be if she saw what I saw in her ? 

I see her at the deep end

she’s not coming back 

but If we never swim we’ll never get out of it, one step, two steps, I can’t swim yet either but stay above water and we can make it to the shallow end.


She gives me a vibe I don’t see in others, she gives me something i know I’ll forever adore. 

I want to rescue her, the way she rescued me from my bad dream, i just want her to see through my eyes what a beautiful soul looks like. 

Questions I’ll never find an answer to, pain i could never get rid of but can’t get anywhere without trying I can’t be a special angel or God sent but I’ll try my best to be your friend. 

She’s imperfectly perfect and she doesn’t know it yet.  


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