Let Go


I don’t want to be your

“i’ll get back to her later”

I don’t want to be one of your last option

I don’t want to hear


“it could have been”


You can’t expect me to be be faithful to you when you aren’t even mine yet.

Kept telling myself i’d stop writing about you but you kept coming back

wasting my time whilst the crowd cheers your name, I got put on standby whilst you figure life out searching,

I don’t want to be the one you pick when everyone else is occupied.
Don’t come to me when you need to be saved where were you when i was drowning all alone?

Where were you when at 1:05am I had made plans to exit the world

Where were you when I could hardly breathe because anxiety had got the best of me ?

Where was you?

Now you’re speechless trying to figure out what to say next just to keep me for a little longer.

Arguments day and night

sleepless nights because you’d rather talk it through than let it go

false hope for a goal that doesn’t even exist, you got me holding on to nothing. I can’t breathe anymore too many mixed feelings with these mixed signals but “It’s all love” right?

I deserve, not need but deserve 

someone who’s ready to learn me the way i really am, go deeper even if it’s too ugly bring it out of me allow me to discover me with you, cherish me, make it known.
i don’t want to be the one you tell to “let it go” when someone better pops up.

Maybe I don’t want to be patient maybe I don’t want to wait till you’re ready, maybe you should stop being selfish and let me go same way you did as soon as you picked me. You made me realise that there’s no way could i be good enough for anyone if i wasn’t good enough for me yet, you reminded me who should always come first

We could have been but I don’t want to be yours anymore. 


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