Dear Me 

Dear me,

we’re here once again

you let this happen,

you let them hurt you

why let them control you?

You’re enough for you

you’re worth it,

I love you more than you could ever imagine.

Whatever pain, whatever struggle you may encounter there will always be sunshine after the rain, you might trip you might bruise yourself but God will always be ready to answer your call.

Right now isn’t your forever. 


Change your “can’t” to “I can

Can’t is banned because YOU CAN. 

Remember when you was broken you lost hope you had enough and yet you came out winning you made everyone proud and yet felt like you could still do more?

this is because YOU CAN.

That word destroys dreams

destroys strong spirit’s, it broke you.

It poisons the soul of the man with a vision.


Everyone seeks happiness who goes through life wanting to be sad?

finding it, it’s what may be hard,

searching it everywhere and searching it in everyone. 

Searching it in places where pleasure is known mistaking pleasure with happiness, abusing it till it starts to become something ugly something you didn’t sign up for because the feeling your given isn’t the feeling you wanted.

Going above and beyond for others 

it gives you that sense of worth you know

“I’m needed” “I’m wanted” 

and for that slight moment, the happiness you gave might be returned to you because you was

recognised” for once.


Wake up and choose to be an optimist.

The negative thoughts don’t HAVE to control you.

I’ve seen you cry,

I’ve seen you detest your existence,

I’ve seen you break down

but rarely take a step back and love yourself. 

Your mind is your greatest asset but it comes with no manual book

you end up playing tricks with it till you somewhat get it right.

If you think you’ve lost then you will.

If you think you’re too weak then you are.

If you like to win but you think you can’t then you won’t.

Think BIG.


Life doesn’t always go as planned

but sooner or later what you think will become what’s destined to be.


Go out there and live life

don’t sit back and watch whatever happens unfold


Live in your own truth,

live with your own goals,

live and learn from your mistakes,

and live with no intentions of regretting anything

Set yourself free and LIVE.

You’re your own support system

you’re all you got

yes you have friends, yes you have family

but you was born alone and will die alone

so who else can love you like YOU.


Grow a set of arms for yourself

to wrap around your inner tribulations

hug yourself tight, I got you.

As much as loneliness tries to eat you up at night remember that

I’m right here because I will never leave you so when you feel lonely again just reach out to me and I’ll hold you close right where you belong. 




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