Tell me your intentions,

tell me what you really feel,

tell me what you really think when I pull up,

tell them what it really is.

Do you just see an empty soul ready to be filled up with the lies ready to put myself aside for your pride?

Or am I just another one of your trophies you hold up for everyone to see?
Take me as I am but don’t make a fool out of me. 

I’ve been here before you know all about this

you took my pain, my hurt and reconstructed it made it into your own little play.

Was it good enough? or do you need more tears? never been a good actor i always made it all show.

You broke me, shattered my heart but that’s not what you

signed up for

right? or

you’re not mine don’t stress me

all very familiar when you take on more than what you signed up for.

Dark rooms,

empty souls

making love like we’re in love

but it’s all just for right now,

comes and goes but never returns the same.

We’re making love like we’re in love but we know it just feels good. My hands, gripping on your back just like that love is in the making.

I still let you in after all the mind games and manipulations they all put me through,

that bit of hope for love I had you took.
I scream as loud as i can,

baby you got me.

As you reach for me but there’s no sign of me because you never had any intentions of keeping me,

even if I stayed I’d be killing every piece of hope i have left.

This love game isn’t made for one like me,

all the imperfections you look past at i see vividly and can’t get rid of them.

I let you decide what game to play but it can’t be with me, been there done that.

I don’t let a lot of people in but you got admission to my soul and that’s all on me I need to go back to keeping my guard up, to protect myself from heartbreak because love isn’t for one like me. 

So tell me your intentions,

tell me what you really want,

tell me what you really feel

tell me what you’re going to say when they ask about me.

Let them know all about MY good intentions.
I’ve been waiting for you but you never showed so I guess that’s the end of the game or are you just starting all over again?

If you don’t learn you’ll never know no good and you’ll keep quitting even before you try. 
I will find my way just like you found your way to me. 


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