Special affair


Indecisive, I’m Indecisive.


I’m always needing something different

I get bored too easily.

What made me content doesn’t please me anymore,

what used to make me want to scream and jump up and down no longer holds a place in my heart.

Always jumping into something different

the x and the o’s got me feeling different
but I don’t care when their ex is tripping.

It all happened so fast,

bad decisions

great ideas

they never mix together.

Something’s missing,

I always want more and that’s the problem.

Trying to find what my heart desires but yet it isn’t good enough for me to survive, so don’t get caught up loving me.

It always ends ugly but starts off beautifully you know just like the summer romances.

It’s a special affair,

not staying for too long.

Roll it up so i can light it

you don’t smoke much but when i come around the clouds is all you seem to be on.

I can’t guarantee i won’t break your heart but there’s a first to everything and It’s a special affair so i know your lips are entwined with someone else.

Penthouse chilling,

I see the vision

 speak that into existence,

I got you on my mind when I’m making plans but no long term ones.

Maybe we’ll never know how this story ends but I’ve written these stories a million times so I won’t be so disheartened when I need to pick up my pen and scribble about you. 

You make my nights turn bright but then what? 

Maybe you found the missing piece with the light but all it did for me was wake me from my dream, peaceful but so disturbing and that’s the reality I live in my head every day.

Come into my palace stay if you want to stay but don’t overstay, you always seem to have a good time till it’s time to leave.

You make me believe I can do this all over again but maybe I’m just under your curse.

Breaking up and making up isn’t something I’m familiar with, all I’ve seen is doors being shut and no return.

When it comes to it don’t pretend like we made this up or it never happened because that’s how it feels like now but what will you think of us when it all comes down. 


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