You played yourself 

You're gone and I'm not getting you back

You're gone and I don't want you around anymore

You're gone and made me understand that I love too hard.

Sometimes I wish I could hurt you back and then when asked act as if I don't know what you're talking about.


You lost me.


Took what I had left of my soul away

you laughed as you walked away.

The rose died in my hand;

do you remember that ever lasting love we always talked about ?


Learned to love you just as you acquired, learned to read between your lines

I figured if i'm willing to stay I should be able to know what I'm getting myself into, even though my heart didn't stand a chance I let it be.


What would you do if you couldn't have me or what we used to have ?

Would you toss and turn in your bed in discomfort because you don't know how to sleep alone ?

I'd say no, but you always started your argument as to why I never believed you and it was always my fault as to why you never loved me like i thought right?


Sweet as a cherry and bitter all at once

a hopeless romantic wondering in your world.

How did I let this happen when the answers were right in front of me?

You loved the thrill the 'thing' we had going on gave you, you never really loved the real idea of me

the nourishing part of the deal.

Nothing but long strings attached to nothing

as soon as I let go it fell apart,

you was meant to hold on to me.


I figured if I cared a bit more you'd love me even more 

and that's when I played myself. 



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