Two dimensions,

one consumes me and the other neglects me.

Wishing all the time for a better tomorrow,

never felt free, never felt like I belong.


My window was sort of my safe haven,

it was wide so all the sunshine would always light up the room

so wide I felt like I could see the entire sky from down here.

Always dreamed, I could fly

letting go and feeling free that’s exactly how I’d feel If I knew how to fly.


Feeling mediocre,

second class in a royal world

with a target on my back since birth.

Melanin popping in a white’s man world.


Grew up in a little town in Italy,

I had my first kiss, first trip to the beach and first suicide attempt there.


The big window I loved so much was my escape

I would finally be able to be set free and fly away like the birds do.

Climbed up so I could get a better view,

took one step forward, now I’m one foot in and one foot out. The view was beautiful the sun was bright and the sky was clear a beautiful masterpiece.


I stayed up there for a while,

was thinking how little I look from afar but yet I would still be visible.


I was still here.

I was still on earth.

I’m still on earth with both feet in.

⁃ Rica.

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