Forbidden Fruit

Craving your presence,

your loud presence calls my name

let me taste you

let me taste the juice that sits on your forbidden lips

a forbidden love that we aren’t ready to die for

Juliet was no idol of mine when it came to this.


Hips against hips

both my lips screaming your name

like a watermelon i was filled with pure water

no tap to stop me running.


The boat starts to sink

hoping for your grip, tight grip

to save me from the waters inside of me.

You’re my candy

don’t have much of a sweet tooth but you satisfy all of my sweet desires

like a ripe mango you leave me dampened after your first bite.


Grab me from your chest

as i navigate your waters

unexperienced sailor trying to navigate you,

i want to feel you on me and taste the citrus on your sweet lips.


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