Racing thoughts

You’d lose it tryanna read me

my mind is too deep for just one look

but gets overlooked everyday.

If i was simple in the mind

everything would be fine

but i can only imagine what that feels like.


I can smoke away the pain but can’t smoke away the memories you abandoned me with,

no smooth sailing just a sinking ship

take away my soul if you must

take it all,

i wont stop you.

I’m already half dead

and you took my heart

ended me before i could feel the aftermath

one day you was my saving grace but today you was one of my never ending pain i had to end.


I’m in this hell i don’t want to live in

i smoke some more to sober up,

lonely days are the worst days

i OD till i elevate

up up and away

that’s where I’m destined to stay.


Melancholy has become my dear friend

a filled room never felt so empty,

i can’t feel love

this emotionless body got me feeling everything but love

why is that ?

⁃ Rica

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