You & I

Started off as nothing

to I’m on my way,

butterflies have taken over the room

I feel the storm in my head coming to an end in the moment.

You told me how you felt about me,

I took a step back just to find myself caught up in your dreams

you say you think about me too

then the what if’s start to plant their seeds

so I start blaming me for what could have been.


Forget the could have been’s and what if’s I want you to myself.

Would I be a jerk if i said I’m ready now ?

but don’t take this to heart I just want to be your friend and then lover.

Can i explore your waters?

I won’t just take a sip I’ll let it flow through your streams then allow you to ask for more as i go deep,

forget all the past things

we’re better than our old selves.


You make me feel a way

the butterflies don’t stop even when you stop

all I want to know is what makes you, you

will you allow me to see beyond that beautiful smile?

or will you sort of kind of let me see what you’re made of till a urge of shutting down hits?

I know the feeling

so let me manoeuvre this ship for us.


I don’t want no one else

you made me forget the world contains more than you and I,

if you take me as I am I’ll prove to you I’m more than just a poet with a slick mouth.


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