Broken beyond repair



  “The one you used to love can turn around and hate you”

what do you think I feel when they walk right through me

everything eventually comes to end,

escaping reality feels better than staying in the moment.


Heart broken,

unlimited repairs

only because I adore love

it’s broken me countless of times.

Love keeps me alive

just don’t come into my life

I’d rather die alone,

than bare another funeral for my heart

I’ve buried and resurrected it too many times

it sure can’t be working right.


Wish dad never walked out when I needed him the most

wish he showed me what loving a women looked like,

wish mum could have showed me what being loved looked like.


I’m roaming through life unable to identify what love looks like

I get attached to the sweet words and all the glamours things

I say it’s love but how can I be so sure when I’ve never been in the presence of such

I’ve made it all up,

I don’t want to know anymore

the love I had for love has been tainted with the ideas of love.


I get the chick fall in love and then the guy sweeps her off her feet,

I get the guy fall in love and he loves off another chick

I can never win even when my options are unlimited.

Maybe I’m not good enough

that’s what I’ve been telling myself

maybe I’m too fat

so I tried the gym

no self discipline so I let it go,

maybe I’m too ugly

tried makeup but I’d rather let my skin breathe.

Maybe I’m not a good person but my soul is clean and intact

maybe I’m just not meant for love,

love isn’t for someone like me

damaged beyond repair.


I don’t need love

but I’m the epitome of love,

maybe I’ll never find it

but I can give love till I die and

that aint never hurt nobody.



6 thoughts on “Broken beyond repair

  1. I just came across your work from twitter, and honestly I am so glad I did! The way everything is written is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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