New pain same feeling



Nothing new

It’s all the same,

I’d say don’t fall in love with me

but they never do.

I seem to be this complicated being

no one wants to take the chance on.


Playing victim?  Maybe

Scarred?  For certain


I made their actions

turn my emotions on for nothing

I’d say I have a vivid imagination

but I  can’t just blame it on me,

they drove me here

put the right playlist on and made me believe I could fly too.


I don’t think I’m worth much,

but say the words and I’ll believe in anything

I’m starting to question if I’ve reached self-distraction yet?

I’ve traded in my self-worth

for a week  high off your love.


Was it worth it?


Will it scar me?

Already did


I never care as long as the quickie visits me in my dreams

you and I will have one last dance after all,

I was so sure I’d see you in my dreams once you left me and here you are

more beautiful than I can remember.


Maybe I should have let you discover me,

maybe you should have fallen in love with me,

maybe we could have been what you always wanted

but I’ll never be the perfect being you desire.




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