Mia: The girl who stole my heart


“Not everything is meant to fit
sometimes the perfect pieces aren’t yours to keep.”


Remember the first time I set my eyes on you
such a gem
the brightest of the bunch
I felt like such a lucky one
one of the moments I couldn’t let go of,
can’t let go of.

Saw you in your white polo
in my fantasy we’d be riding a pony across the sunset
I know I dream a lot,
built the courage to say something
you bit back
you loved it.

“No idea how I got her”
that’s what I tell my friends
you was like my pride possession,
was breaking every promise I made in the beginning
thinking you’d never leave me
I was living out our lives in my dreams
planning on things I was never working for
I still wouldn’t have traded you for the world.

I saw a new gem I liked that too
I couldn’t have imagined myself without you,
you stuck around longer than predicted
you said “one more go” and I let you believe I’d make changes
how did I make you believe all those lies ?

Forgive me, forgive me
I was begging and pleading
was a waste of my time,
was wasting your time.
I wanted you around
I wanted you to have my kids
I wanted us to grow old together
we’ll never have that
I’ll never have that,
I can’t seem to hold down what I seek for.

I wanted you
I got you
and in the same breath I lost you.
Come back to me
I need you, I want you in my arms for one last time
need to say goodbye without all the fussing and arguing.
I had to dream of our perfect goodbye
your last words were
“you’ll always be a part of me” something your pure soul would have said
and I couldn’t help but reply
“I really messed a good thing up”.

Days go by
I cry to my bestfriend
“I can’t live without her, I need to get her back.”

I try my hardest
you let me back in
but the pieces no longer fit
somehow we grew in the space of days
hours made us new people,
all the love I thought I had for you
all the love you had for me
turned into

“I’ll always be your friend.”

“I just want the best for you.”

My heart no longer cries
I’m happy I was forgiven
I’m sad I let me destroy this.

You was perfect from the first time
I set my four eyes on you
and still perfect in my eyes,
maybe when we change in size
we grow in mind
maybe we’ll find our way back on the same road ?
One can dream
even knowing they’ll never get it back
the best part of memories.

“Not everything is meant to fit
sometimes the perfect pieces aren’t yours to keep.”



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