Letter to self


Don’t know how to cope

yet I try

yet I end up intoxicating myself,

I try to rescue me

but I always let go at the fair pull.


I have a habit to blame the next man

but it’s all on me man,

I try to give up

but the voice inside me

holds on and moves on.

I promise my friends I’ll never leave

but only time will tell.

No reassurance 

but I may pull through

If it was u I know I’d want u to hold on too.


No one really knows me

my thoughts can’t be translated

time can’t ever do the trick,

they all heard my cries but

as they all heard it was a losing battle

no words can describe the pain.

The question

Why me?

Is on a loop,

I wish you didn’t have to go through this

as painful as it is

you still keep moving on.


I need you to hold on tight

I know it’s hard,

I know it cripples you

but please hold on

the rescue might not always be at your front door

but you know better than I do, than you do

that you can pull through.


Giving up isn’t an option

seems fair

for all the obstacles you’ve gone through

but you keep getting stronger

and I promise because I am you I will never give up even when you do.


You’re the storm

It’s electrifying 

but it’s beautifully made 

with the rain and sunshine,

no one can look past at 

you keep going even when the curtains shut down.



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