A better tomorrow



Never felt so lonely

alone in crowded spaces

feeling suffocated

yet I’m here alone.

Conflicting thought

feels like deja vu,

I remember being here

It’s always been like this

this is like yesterday and the day before.


Never felt so alone,

maybe I could run away

get as far as I can

let the universe guide me

leave my mind at home

let my soul ride the boat.


Never felt so lonely

I let the drugs consume me

I let the alcohol move me.

I want to be somewhere alone

without feeling left alone,

I never feel like I belong

even when I’m alone

I don’t feel part of the world

where can I go to feel like I belong ?


Never felt so alone

in a world full of people,

I’m only getting older

if this is my forever

I don’t want to get to the last chapter

I’ll lay here till the sea takes me away

the waves will wash my sadness away.


Let my heart do the talking

once I’m gone

they’ll remember all the love

they took

I’ll be floating with all the bottles filled with my hopes of a better tomorrow.



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