Don’t need saving



I feel like I’m on top of the world

could touch the sky kind of high,

I could fall and crash pretty hard

or stay above water for as long as I can.

Don’t bring me back to earth

I like it better when I’m above it

and no one can get me.


I need peace

my peace has been tampered with

it feels all chaotic

doesn’t feel like peace anymore

but hell when it pours

silent but loudly it settles.


I wish I could step outside my body

take a leap of faith

find myself on the other side

find myself seeing what they see,

I feel me

but can’t see me.

I’ve painted this picture

she doesn’t really like people

but she loves to please people

she’s kind

but she gets angry,

she loves

but she doubts

wasn’t the funny type

but made them all laugh.

Wasn’t a pretty picture

but with the good comes the bad

and the bad always speaks so loud

why is that?


I would like to be saved

on an open field

just me


time doesn’t exist there

I’ll lay till the end of times

the sky will still be blue

the flowers always bloom

sounds like heaven to me,

but my dreams always end with a

to be continued…



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