Lovers to Enemies


“Love always finds a beating heart.”


my heart desires to be loved

proud, bold, beautiful love.

Need a lifeline

so was wondering would you be mine ?


You were my home,

my sanctuary at most

fighting over who loves most

forgetting a race can also go slow.

We never figured it out

but we wanted to make it up.


Distant lovers,

yet our hearts are now one

time just makes me more fonder

of your love.

Me wanting more of your love,

me neglecting other love

just for your love.


I want you closer than ever


love hurts the unwanted one,

love only loves the wanted one.


I try to perfect the imperfect,

we may be broken

but I thought you were the missing piece

not to the puzzle

but the story in my book.

I thought it was the greatest love

but once it’s found it can also wander and get lost.



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