Love Scars

Sitting on some things from the past
the constant loss of love
makes me think
I might be broken
but the surface doesn’t show it.

Nothing gets rid of the love scars
and the constant questions that come with trust.
Years have passed
and it still bothers me,
it still lingers in my mind

‘How can someone love so hard just to be crushed.’

She looked lifeless
a part of me died every time,
this can’t be the love they write about.
I’m a heartbreak away from calling it quits
not much hope when it comes to this.

I feel powerless,
I cry alone,
I let it make me feel small alone.
Living with a tainted idea of love
so tainted the real stuff seems fake.
Never understood intimacy as part of the equation of love;
little things got taken
leaving the puzzle incomplete
the paint is still not dry on my walls,
I cry to let go
but it comes back tenfold.

Too late to rescue me,
too late to rescue me

just remember if I let myself go,
I wish to be forgotten
but there’s way more to me than a tainted idea of love and a chipped heart.

Love scars might last,
love scars might reveal an ugly past
but love scars win over the lonely heart

Survived it then wrote it.


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